Resources for Researching Myth

Online Resources Through the Library

Brill’s New Pauly
An in depth encyclopedia of all subjects in the classical world with extensive bibliographies. Online access only.

Brill’s Jacoby and New Jacoby
A collection of fragments of Greek historians with annotation, commentary, and bibliography. Online access only.

Oxford Classical Dictionary
A dictionary including short entries on most topics from the ancient Greco-Roman world. A good place to start for basic information.

Loeb Classical Library
Translations and texts from Greco-Roman antiquity; the collection is searchable. A good collection for searching literary and historical texts.

L’Annee Philologique
A bibliographical database for all scholarship published in the classics: best for articles and books; also good for finding reviews of books; clunky interface; also use JSTOR.

Other Online Resources

Suda Online:
The Suda is a tenth-century Byzantine encyclopedia. The text (both Greek and in translation) is available in a searchable format online.
Go to the website ( and click the link to register as a guest. Once you have done that, log in and you will be given the option to search by the translations. Search for the mythological figure or topics that interest you and see what is there.

Beazley Archive:
An archive of the catalogue of vase images stored in museums around the world. Search by figures and motif.
A collection of stories and images about mythographical figures. This includes many great images and links to primary source
A collection of sources from ancient myth and folklore, exceptional for its inclusion of fairytales and fables (esp. Aesop)

Blogs with Material on Myth and Culture

Classics At the Intersections (

Eidolon (

Farnese Sarcophagus from Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

Written Resources

Timothy Gantz. Early Greek myth : a guide to literary and artistic sources. 1993.BL782 .G34 1993.
An exhaustive collection of variations and attestations of early Greek myth. A critical resource.

Robert Fowler. Early Greek Mythography. 2 Vols. 2000 and 2013. BL782 .F69 2000
A two-volume set that presents early prose accounts of Greek mythographer. The primary texts are in Greek, but the commentary is in English. The index is very useful.

Stephen M. Trzaskoma & R. Scott Smith. Apollodorus’ Library and Hyginus’ Fabulae. 2007.
Translations of the most useful compendia of Greek myth.

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC)
A multi-volume series which catalogs the iconography of mythological figures in ancient art. Articles are written in either English, German, French, or Italian, but the images reproduced in the second part of each volume.

Go to the library and find the books (at call number N7760 .L49 1981) and collect both parts of the volume you need. The entries are alphabetical by the mythological figure’s name. The first part of each volume contains the articles on the images; the second part contains the images. If you cannot read the language in which the article is written, you can still use the first volume to find the object’s date and location.

L. R. Farnell. The Cults of the Greek City States. 5 Volumes. [not in Brandeis Library]
A dated but classic overview of the evidence for divine and heroic cult in Ancient Greece.

Jennifer Larson. Greek Heroine Cults. Madison, 1995. BL795.H47 L37 1995
A synoptic overview of the archaeological and literary evidence for heroine cult in Ancient Greece.

Walter Burkert. Greek Religion. Oxford, 1985. Online Access
A standard textbook on Greek Religion and religious practices.

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